Josephine Andrews, Marketing Strategy

Josephine Andrews - Consult VIA

Josephine is a marketing strategist with 12 years experience in the world of commercial conferencing, skilled in aligning sales and marketing. She works with clients to connect their sales and marketing into one funnel, making marketing and sales a client touch point rather than a battle ground.

Her specialties include lead generation, sales and marketing alignment, customer experience, agency relations, CRM database and content management usage, and digital strategy. She has extensive knowledge of major Email, CMS, CRM, Project Management, and Analytics Systems.

Josephine works with a number of clients from ad agencies such as Gigante Vaz that want analytical input for their clients. To B2B Research & Event companies such as Kisaco Research and IIBig, that want to forge strategic marketing partnerships and need tech evaluations.

Announcing VIA’s Annual Industry Benchmarking Survey Results. Thank you to all those who were part of a mission to develop some meaningful benchmarking across the industry.

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