Interim Management & Leadership Support

Interim Management & Leadership Support - Consult VIA

Seeking Agile Leadership Level Resource? Consider an Interim Director.

Interim Directors are the ideal way to push through a new project or initiative, or to help your existing leadership team through a period of growth or change. VIA can provide experienced interim leaders, each one will adapt to your culture and will be fully committed to delivering your short-medium term goals.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Can any business deliver the extraordinary without looking at the development of key people? The plans and ambitions that you have will live and die by the motivation, confidence and focus of your team.

Whether is a trusted advisor or coach for leadership, or more pragmatic mentoring of your emerging leaders, talk to us.

VIA’s experience in people development ensures an energised and upgraded asset base is ready to follow you on the growth or sale mission that you have in mind.

The work that we do saves money and can prevent unwanted disruption in your team by focusing on building the contribution of existing talent.

Services include:

  • Executive coaching with a particular focus on resilience, vision setting and helping  SME business owners to find alternate solutions for the challenges and opportunities they face
  • Future superstar identification from within the ranks
  • Training workshops supporting all aspects of team development, commercial campaigns, event M&A, portfolio growth and transformation
  • Introduction to management and leadership workshops