Preparing Your Business for Sale

Preparing Your Business for Sale - Consult VIA

Planning to sell your business? VIA ensures you’re sale-educated and sale-ready

  • Ensure you are a hot acquisition prospect
  • Build evidence that in turns leads to a true marketplace for your business
  • Protect product, staff, clients and legacy through the sales process
  • Demonstrate scale and repeatability (and growth) of results

Ready to acquire? VIA’s services include

  • Sector research to identify acquisition targets
  • Market diligence to support acquisition cycle and valuation
  • Advice and insights on proposed growth models and opportunities
  • Onboarding and integration support

Do you represent an investor or large content group?

VIA can identify acquisition targets, deliver essential market analysis & conduct due diligence on your intended purchase.

For companies who don’t have a dedicated onboarding team or process, VIA offers interim management as well as diplomatic, commercial advice and team coaching in the early months of integration.

When your M&A team or leadership group need to move on to the next acquisition or opportunity, VIA provides board-level reporting on the status of early trading and planning.

Are you an SME considering an exit through sale?

With experience gained from both sides of the deal, VIA can help you prepare in the 18-24m ahead of a sale.

Entrepreneurs who are used to driving product and portfolio growth often find the process of presenting their own business for sale stressful and challenging.

VIA works with you to find the right commercial narrative in addition to ensuring that your presentation and data really has the clarity and strength to command attention of the most discerning professional investor or multinational. We make introductions to specialist brokers and other professional services.

The earlier you start preparing the better

We can help you ensure that the three years prior to sale have the strongest growth story of your company’s history. We can also work with you to increase recurring revenue and to create a resilient platform that will allay the fears of the most risk-averse investor or acquirer.

We’ll introduce you to the right combination of brokers and advisors so that, no matter what the size of the deal, you’ll get the best possible outcome.