Who We Work With

Whatever your vision is for your business, VIA is a flexible way to leverage the experience of an additional Non-exec, CXO or Commercial Director – a cost effective investment in commercial transformation.

Client Sectors Include:

  • Events and conference companies
  • Exhibition organisers
  • Publishers
  • Online communities
  • Data & analytics providers
  • PR and consulting
  • Business owners seeking to acquire or build a profitable event platform

Commercial event companies planning expansion or a sale

Commercial event companies planning expansion or a sale - Consult VIA

Growth planning and delivery is some of the most exciting and rewarding work that we do. The work will start with a detailed understanding of what you want to achieve and how you intend to measure success.

We’ll then work with you to determine the right product and revenue channel focus, and can deliver all the support you require from early stage due diligence and market scoping through to weekly project management oversight.

If you’re considering an exit through sale, learn how you can leverage VIA’s experience gained from both sides of the deal.

Entrepreneurs who are used to driving product and portfolio growth often find the process of presenting their own business for sale (their baby!) stressful and challenging. VIA works with you to find the most commercial narrative in addition to ensuring that your presentation and data really has the clarity and strength to command attention of the most discerning professional investor or multinational.

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Investors looking to acquire and integrate events

Investors looking to acquire and integrate events  - Consult VIA

For investors and large content groups seeking growth through acquisitions, VIA partners with you to identify acquisition targets, deliver market analysis & conduct due diligence on your intended purchase.

For companies who don’t have a dedicated onboarding team or process, VIA delivers interim management as well as diplomatic, commercial advice to both parties in the early months of integration when culture, technology and strategy need to be carefully aligned.

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Publishers and solution providers developing their own commercial events

Publishers and solution providers developing their own commercial events - Consult VIA

Perhaps you’re ready to consider growing your own revenue-generating events portfolio. You’ve seen how it has helped competitors and other market players grab hold of the imagination (and spend) of your clients and you’re ready to get going.

Or would you simply like a review of the events you’re sponsoring, speaking and exhibiting at? Maybe a little advice on where to invest and how to get a measurable outcome?

Talk to VIA about where you are in your plans for launching new content and event products. Whether your goal is primarily revenue or client-engagement, we are your short cut to the right strategy.

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