Blueprint for Leadership: Friday 16th November

Blueprint for Leadership: Friday 16th November

Whether you’re a growing scale-up business or a post-sale team focused on high speed expansion – you need great new leaders to step up.

Blueprint for Leadership is a one-day introductory workshop designed by VIA to provide a help emerging leaders flourish. Key info:

You’ve probably already identified these high performing and ambitious people that you believe can help you drive your commercial event business. Without them, you can’t easily move forward – so making sure they can step up quickly is essential.

Whether your emerging leaders are in sales, production, marketing or a multi-function team – the training will offer them tools to implement, habits to adopt and the opportunity to examine how to get results through others.

The structure deliberately rebalances the time allocation of old-school leadership courses with at least 60% of the day dedicated to getting participants to apply new concepts and set up great habits on the spot. Book by November 1st and the attendee will receive a complementary hour of coaching to help cement the workshop takeaways.


Here’s what your next-gen leaders will learn and apply:

  • Transitioning to leadership – What does good leadership look like and how does great leadership tone and content grow a resilient business?
    • Being clear on factors that create successful leadership
    • Practical techniques for transitioning from ‘doing’ to getting results through others
    • What’s expected of the leadership role and how to position for success?
    • Balancing time and attention across product, financials, team performance and a leaders own direct workload
    • Using great questioning and KPIs to manage portfolios vs execute projects
  • Becoming a reliable driver of business performance and an expert forecaster
    • Getting under the skin of successful forecasting and financial literacy
    • Campaign assessment and support – whether experienced in commercial functions or not
    • Planning for productive conversations and interventions in sales and marketing campaigns
    • Examining the drivers of profit margins
    • Reporting on value creation
  • Setting a compelling vision that galvanises a team
    • What is the ‘right’ vision – setting a direction of travel
    • How to engage a  team in new and challenging ideas
    • Turning vision to practical results
    • Building a commitment culture
    • How Vision plays a pragmatic role both good and challenging times
  • Ultimate leadership: managing personal state and priorities
    • Maintaining a productive and effective headspace even in the most challenging situations
    • Leading former colleagues and friends
    • Practical time management frameworks that keep complex projects and year-round priorities on track

Group size is limited to 8 people, ensuring that there is time for focused discussion and the opportunity to get to know others in a similar situation – essential supports as they develop in their roles.

Book places today, or if you’d like more information contact Alex Cameron.


Date: Friday 16th November 9.30-4.30pm

Location: London Bridge

Price: £500 (+ VAT & Eventbrite Fees) 

Book here



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