Who Pays? How To Drive Growth From Different Revenue Streams & Event Models

Who Pays? How To Drive Growth From Different Revenue Streams & Event Models

In collaboration with PPA Scotland, VIA is heading to Glasgow to lead a workshop for publishers and content owners. The focus is on the mechanics of different event models and specifically how to launch and drive revenue growth in each one.

Whether you have an existing portfolio of events or are considering launching to support an information or content product, attend this workshop to gain clarity on the range of commercial event models and how you can develop a high performing, lucrative portfolio.

You’ll leave the workshop armed with:

  • Information on the team structures that different revenue models demand
  • Management focus points and KPIs to keep different event models on track
  • Clarity on which revenue streams are the right ones for your business to focus on
  • Specific actions and ideal to fuel the short to medium-term growth of your events portfolio

Discussion points include:

  • Exploring the range of potential event models in the market – how do their revenue streams affect format, project management and resourcing?
  • How does each model affect launch timelines, resourcing, spend and KPIs
  • What’s the right kind of model for your brand and your goals?
  • Looking at how each revenue model can grow – what are the opportunities and hurdles to plan for?
  • Can you ever convert free delegates to paid?
  • Event disruption: how are the hottest events delivering excellent experiences and driving revenue?

If you’re interested in the workshop content, but aren’t able to make it to Glasgow – let us know.

Announcing VIA’s Annual Industry Benchmarking Survey Results. Thank you to all those who were part of a mission to develop some meaningful benchmarking across the industry.

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